CFE Review Courses: If you’re a tactile learner who struggles with motivation, join an instructor-led class. Discussion with your instructor and peers will keep you engaged and allow you to clarify difficult topics. Our classes not only help you pass your exam but allow you to learn from your fellow professionals.

Understand how much time you need to commit to your studies. We prefer you register for the course at least two months in advance to allow adequate time to familiarize yourself with the course materials.

Understand the CFE concepts and how to apply them. To pass the CFE exam, you must understand how to apply concepts. Memorization of books is not an effective preparation tactic. After studying and understanding concepts, apply that knowledge with practice test questions. If you get a question wrong, use the rationale provided to go back and understand why you were wrong and the reason for the correct answer. Ensure that you’re getting 85% correct on practice quizzes before taking the CFE exam.

Commit to your studies and do the work. The CFE exam is not easy. If it were, everyone would pass on the first attempt and there would be little value associated with the certification. However, passing the exam on the first attempt is achievable if you take your studies seriously. Choose CFE Review and use all the tools that come with your training program. Study the reading materials, apply what you’ve learned by completing online test questions.

Join our experienced trainer for more tips during onsite training.

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 June 03 to June 06, 2019

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